Sunday, August 28

The best of Sandy Denny's music inhabits the shore or the riverbank, or drifts upon the sea in the company of it's dislocated sailors

The Internet .She is taking over my life. [now that's a point .is the internet female or masculine?Is it "Le" or "La"?].Yesterday it was my mirror:today my reading companion..........................
"When I write songs,I often picture myself standing on a beach or standing on a rock or a promenade or something. I just put myself there sometimes and without realising it I find myself describing what I'm looking at and often it's the sea.I keep promising myself  I'll put myself somewhere else when I'm writing songs but I really can't imagine anywhere that's nicer than that........." Sandy Denny~ 1973

I'm busy reading my Folk Book (see previous post)
Sandy Denny:Wiki; 6 January 1947 – 21 April 1978:R.I.P. I saw her play at Krumlin in my yoof.
Anne Briggs :wiki

[n.b. This is a companion to my The Legendary Lost "Carry On Hippying" Movie Script! post.]
On the subject of Folk Music ,my thanks to Kimy for pointing me in the direction of the fine American  Smithsonian Folkways site.Free Downloads & much magic can be found!
I came across these two photo sites.Some striking Images of the London Riots.

Friday, August 26

Nick Drake, new glasses and old maps. : Very Nice.

Sorry Folks..A Busy Week.I Will Come A Visiting Tommorrow (Saturday).In The Meantime, why not visit some other great Sepia Saturday Posts.

Nick Drake - Things Behind The Sun from Phil Bebbington on Vimeo.
i'm in the middle of reading the splendid Electric Eden.A lovely romp through the history of British Folk Music & Culture.William Blake,Nick Drake,Morris Dancing & Beyond. Many of the people mentioned I have seen/loved.Plus hosts of characters new to me.A Real Treasure of a Book.
I heard last night that Capo Martin is off to Nepal in October! I am jealous !
(Not That I'm vain, You Understand?) I bought 2 new pairs of glasses today.Here I am trying trying them on this afternoon. I'm using my blog as a mirror.Which is the bestest pair I wonder.....
webcam gif

New on the web is The Gough MapThe first map of Britain from the 14th Century.You Can View it Online.Below, a detail of Manchester (couldnt find "Hebden Bridge" other than something looking like the craters on the Moon)
[A Cryptic Map of sorts...........]

Monday, August 22

not fade away

In 1911, Bobby Leach survived a plunge over Niagara Falls in a steel barrel.
Fourteen years later, in New Zealand, he slipped on an orange peel and died.

“We spend our time searching for security and hate it when we get it.” — John Steinbeck
“Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.” — Will Rogers
“Where is the Life we have lost in living?” — T.S. Eliot

Friday, August 19

In the olden days,people had to make their own trees?

Grief does funny things to people.It hits different people in different ways.Some will weep.Some will lock themselves away.......While  others will mark a  bereavement by spending  all their time silently & secretly scouring the internet looking for scapegoats......

Today I Give You  2  Sepia~Riddles.2 unsolved mysteries . Read  The Body on Somerton Beach
And, The Missing Beaumont Children 

all I know is that this photo was taken in the Halifax area.No other explanation was given on facebook's "Photos Of Old Halifax".A huge bonfire erected on Mount Skip above Snow Booth Farm, Old Town, brought to an end a day of festivities marking the Coronation of George V. 23 June 1911.

Add caption?
At the Suggestion of Kim, this is a Sepia Saturday post.

My Latest Hebden Bridge post.

 (& i blush just to mention this) I came across the delightfully named fuckyeavictorians which has some old photos & stuff.Worth a peek.
I,m rather surprised to learn that John Grant plays The Doghouse at Paris Gates  in Halifax on Sept 9th. Providing I'm not in Italy I fancy going .He Sounds a Jolly Fellow.Rather high profile for Halifax, it was only last year that the likes of The Guardian:MOJO & UNCUT were creaming themselves over songs such as this.

Tonight is the first time I have paid his music much attention.More than Americana...he has something of the Gordon Lightfoot [video] about him?Albeit a depressed Gordon Lightfoot..............

A photo I took of The River Calder in Hebden Bridge.June 2009.

Saturday, August 13

23 Savile Crescent,Halifax.

This is a Sepia Saturday post.
Alan mentioned Google Maps today, so that set me is a photo from "Maps"  of the house in Halifax I grew up as a kid.The house on the left.Top window (nearest the road)was my bedroom .I still,to this day ,have frequent vivid dreams about this road.Welcome to my world!
Its only a matter of time before Google find a way to photograph the inside of our houses!
In the meantime, here are a couple of photos I took of a corner of my bedroom.I guess 1972.I had just returned from a year in London (working in The Carter Lane Youth Hostel).I went back to Further Education college in Halifax to get my O & A Levels (in just one year!! I had left school at 16 with no I was playing catchup).Within 12 months i would be at Teacher Training College in Liverpool.
Essentially this was a shrine to the London Hippy Life I had left behind.Free Festivals:cannabis:LSD; & Opium and OZ marches
Ken sent me these photos this week.Some of them capture the era quite well.
[click image for biggary]

Wednesday, August 10

Manchester 10th August 2011

Some things can only be seen in negative, some bodies only become perceptible in the interference they create.John Burnside:A Summer of Drowning
[Image looted in a non-threatening way from
The UK government is poised to start measuring people's psychological and environmental wellbeing, bidding to be among the first countries to officially monitor happiness.
Despite "nervousness" in Downing Street at the prospect of testing the national mood the Office of National Statistics will shortly be asked to produce measures to implement David Cameron's long-stated ambition of gauging "general wellbeing"...........
[read more]
My Car's had a bit of a funny sqeak for the past week.On Monday I booked it in the garage in Hebden Bridge this morning with a view to catching the train into Manchester for a few hours while they checked it.
While I was in Manchester I took these photos.You will notice several taken in Picaddilly Gardens.Hundreds of [mainly ]Young Folk [via facebook] can been seen collecting brooms to sweep up the broken glass & debris from last night's riot.I say "riot" but Im not sure that's the correct word?"Riot" implies some sort of Purpose + Aim...........
Dont get me wrong.Things are bad  in Britain at the moment, and if they had looted Buckingham Palace or Downing Street  or Harrods I would have had some understanding,But,really, it is bad form to shit in your own backyard.
Manchester Evening News report
+Views from  fine Manchester bloggers & here

Wednesday, August 3


I have a new post on my Hebden Bridge blog.

I listened today to this rather good BBC 5 Live podcast .An Interview with Adam Ant..He talks about Mental Health issues and suchlike.......
"Beirut is an American band which was originally the solo musical project of Santa Fe, New Mexico native Zachary Francis Condon, and later expanded into a band. Their first performances were in New York in May 2006, to support the release of their debut album, Gulag Orkestar. The music combines elements of Eastern European and Balkan folk with Western pop music, fusing the American mainstream and indie-rock culture and the World Music market................"

download a free+legal full DVD of early Beriut here
From 1913, John Alfred Charlton Deas, a former curator at Sunderland Museum, organised several handling sessions for the blind, first offering an invitation to the children from the Sunderland Council Blind School, to handle a few of the collections at Sunderland Museum, which was ‘eagerly accepted’.
‘They were so successful that Deas went on to develop and arrange a course of regular handling sessions, extending the invitations to blind adults.’
( Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums)