Tuesday, September 01, 2015

day tripper yea!

'just pissing about really..trying out new alternative sideshows.This sort of thing looks promising...especially with a music option.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Keep moving,they might be stock taking.............

The Beatles always remind me of childhood trips to the coast.............

The Gentle Author &   Cathy   in Southport. yesterday....
I got confirmation thru this week that my Italian buyers had agreed my price for the property in Abruzzo. Their cheque will be sent to the solicitor in Italy next week.He then  holds onto until the formal meeting which will be in a couple of months(!).
I had originally thought of going over there this week (I had booked leave for that purpose ) But the Italians are lazy buggers (my solicitor had been on holiday ALL this month...& was out of contact)
 So ,instead, we used the time travelling around the North of England instead.
 North Yorkshire & Harrogate Turkish Baths.

Derbyshire.Glossop & Buxton .('never been to Buxton before...)I had also wanted to see Arbor Low "The North's Stonhendge"but ,for "technical reasons'(i.e. I got totally lost!) we didnt find it.Maybe another time.......
 Disley & Stockport in Cheshire to visit friends.
The Fylde Coast .e.g. Southport .I must be getting old but i really liked the place.I can particularly recommended The Atkinson .A splendid hub of a place on the main drag.Museum:Art Gallery: Cinema :Cafe :Concert Hall etc etc.
We also visited Another Place Antony Gormley's Art Installation on Crosby Beach.I found it magnificent! My photos just cannot give any idea of the scale of it all. The work consists of cast iron figures which face out to sea, spread over a 2 mile (3.2 km) stretch of the beach between Waterloo and Blundellsands.
Another Place.

100 figures.Each one is 189 cm tall (nearly 6 feet 2½ inches) and weighs around 650 kg (over 1400 lb). Many of these figures were cast at Hargreaves Foundry in Halifax.
There was some talk of moving them to New York,but i think Crosby have decided to keep them permanently.

just visit my smugmug album here for all my splendid photos.


Monday, August 24, 2015

out of the blue

Out of the blue,smugmug , who host my photos, have removed it's option of allowing me to  display series of  photos on this (or any other!)blog/website.
Maybe there is a (free) alternative somewhere?
 I will look.
 In between time .I guess i will just have to give you this goodold 20th century   manual link to my new  few photos from the  weekend.
Ken's Garden.

{update:}i just found this free alternative:but it's limited to only 25 images per slideshow.It does annoy me that smugmug have done this, given that i pay for them storing my images.The trouble is, I store thousands of my images with them.It would be a real faff to have to move them somewhere else.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Annual Peterloo Massacre Remembrance in Manchester

Look Close! You Can See Me In The Crowd.

Me ,Cath & Martin Thorpe went to the annual Peterloo Massacre Memorial in Manchester today.
Approx 600 souls attended. A Choir;a folk band and actors Maxine Peake:Christopher Ecclestone (eg Dr Who):John Thompson (eg Fast Show);John Henshaw (eg Early Doors) gave readings.
A minutes silence was observed to respect those who were murdered.
For my American friends, Peterloo (1819) was England's Tiananmen Square(1989): England's Sharpville (1960): England's Kent State (1970 ) Peterloo was the subject of Shelly's poem The Masque of Anarchy

Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Woolworth Song.

I went for drinks with Phil The X-Fireman in Halifax on Thursday night. I took this photo while waiting for him to arrive .
I was looking out the upstairs window on Bull Green's Weatherspoons.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Maxine Peake: Fundraiser for The Morning Star newspaper: Hebden Bridge Trades Club:Saturday 8th August 2015

Maxine read Shelley's Masque of Anarchy.    i took a wee video clip of her reading some of it  tonight......(Shelly on a Saturday night!)  which i will add here soon.A splendid night.A full house.

Sunday, August 02, 2015

[A Light Above Descending}: British Sea Power:Hebden Bridge Trades Club:31st July

same song i recorded live in Heben Bridge Trades Club on Friday night.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

We Are All In It ( 'till we close our eyes....)

British Sea Power are this blog's "house band".
Ive seen them play live 5 times in the past 12 years. We grow old together....
Here is a photo I took tonight of them playing to another full-house at The Hebden Bridge Trades Club.
 Videos & more photos from tonight will follow below (when I can Be arsed)
They were/are / will be beautiful. Nothing Else To be said..really......

Friday, July 31, 2015

It was my Birthday yesterday.
Me , Cathy & Chris went for a meal at The White Lion in Hebden Bridge.
Afterwards, we caught the train into Manchester's Royal Exchange to see Maxine Peake in The Skriker. Here are some photos i took of the day.

Friday, July 24, 2015

deep dreams

Don't Worry ! I haven't gone bonkers!
 Here are some images i have uploaded & had re- imagined by Google's "Deep dream" software.
For the beginnings of an explanation, Read This 
Its perfectly simple to' do 'your own photos.Be warned, the novelty wears off quite quickly.But, for a short while you may get a good 'buzz'.
 The Idea (i think!) is that Mr Google Labs "reads" your original picture ; then compares it with millions of random images worldwide & adds extra elements ,somehow.
 For example, to your photo of an cup ,it may add someone else's photo of a puppy drinking ......!
I am quite interested, because it makes me go back to the original photo to understand the logic of what it 'sees' & how it interprets the information there.It genuinely makes you understand the original image better (trust me! does..)
 So far,it seems to me it works better on Black & White photos and Sepia. Counter -intuitive but true.....
Anyhow.Try it for yourself.
  psychic lab is much slower ( maybe 2 days) but slightly better effect than which is  not quite as good, but should give you a dream picture within 5 minutes.Which ever way,enjoy!