Friday, November 27, 2015

drinks in Halifax

XTC: "Complicated Games".....Live at the Michigan Theater, Ann Arbor, MI; January 22, 1980
10th Jul

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bob Weir & Rat Dog:Life Cafe .Manchester.27 th August 2003

I saw this.(&'took the photo) with Don& Margaret.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Jeux sans frontières

"One in ten deaths during the Blitz was a child. Because of a fear that the Germans would use poisoned gas in their bombs people were given gas masks. Children were given brightly coloured gas masks to make them more appealing and fun......."
Hey!  is an important site for us sepians.Well  worth checking out. All my photos this week  are from this charmant website.
This is a   Sepia Saturday  post.  "think of caps, or children, or playground games or any of the hundreds of things Sepians like to think of....."

Practically .Visit this site to help children play in Gaza.
Try and get there before the Israeli's do..........

Live at Le Bataclan, Paris, France; January 29, 1972. Very good soundboard.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Life: I saw a documentary about it once.........

I was down at Hebden Bridge Post Office at 9am this morning posting some documents from my Notary to Italy re: the sale. 'Closure' is even closer I guess.
 A couple of weeks ago I went for a routine Health Check ( sorta MOT i guess). 'Turns out I'm 3 stone overweight:borderline high blood pressure ( a repeat check to come in a couple of weeks )& i have also got to have a repeat (non-fast) blood test concerning my kidneys.
None of which ,(in & of themselves) too worrying ... .....just further signs that my Immortality Project seems rather suspect. Who Knew?
How very odd.....I just finish typing "Who Knew" & i get a knock on the door.(this sounds like bullshit, but I promise you it aint.....).A neighbour up the road says ,rumor has it, that the Council is to build 40 new house in fields nearby.Its greenbelt;repeat  risk of flooding;   tons   of wildlife    & vegetation;stunning views; its a cul-de-sac  on a narrow steep road.Access & parking has become shit already.
We have a meeting arranged at The Town Hall on Monday.
The only good news is that land mustn't be considered suitable for fracking.............

Friday, November 06, 2015

A one-legged -beggar in Liverpool.Today shook my hand......

Me & Cath went back to Liverpool today.
(We were there a couple of weeks ago.)  Got me a mess of  discount tickets from Northern Rail which 'need using. ......
Although we both had the start of Colds (& I had toothache) If not used today....,they would be  lost .
So,....... we  went to the Bluecoat Museum.
[Not been there since 1976 when i saw a film there with His Drayness .]
 It pissed down. Beggars sat in puddles. England's shame.
 Outside Job Centre Plus+ a man with one-leg was begging.I gave him(after much searching) a 50p coin. I told him it was all the change I had on me .
 He shook my hand. I could have cried as i left him.....a proud man ,who stands taller than i ever will........
This country is a mess......

Monday, October 19, 2015

Friday, October 16, 2015

don't touch the third rail

Me and Cathy went for the day to Liverpool.
photos here..................

Me in  the Walker  Gallery ,Liverpool ,Yesterday.
I studied and lived in Liverpool between 1976-1980.
(Teacher Training Certificate  & B.Ed(hons) from Lancaster Uniy& C.F. Mott,Huyton.)
My life in Liverpool was an in-between time for me. 
Many memories.Mostly good, tho i never loved the place the way i loved East London where I moved onto afterwards.......
Saying that ,Liverpool was,and is ,a Spirited Republic.
I wish it well in these dismal times in Dear Old Blighty.
God.England is shit at the moment.
A type of  purgatory.Non?

"The Dinner Party" [1980] by Sam Walsh. 

He was a Liverpool lecturer who painted this in the last years of his life.
 The sitters , who would never meet all at the same time, are people who from periods in his life. They include neighbours, solicitor, ex-wife, partner, bank manager & friends.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Simone Felice:8th October 2015:St.Michael's Church, Ancoats,Manchester.

Me & Cathy went with Capo Martin to St.Michael's de-consecrated church in Ancoats.
It was the first ever gig in a place that the Roman Jesus had  just vacated.........
(On the night, I think we all struggled with what  the correct ceremony for such an  occasion might be......?)
All i can say is that the acoustics in the place  are superb.Its clean,it's light & it has a good vibe.
A lovely sweet venue (tho the Bar charges Old Trafford prices!)
Simone was his usual Spiritual Self........a most underrated soul.
He had flown in from  New York that morning.He had been detained in a small room alone for 4 hours at Gatwick because of passport irregularities
 He seemed unimpressed with UK Border Control.......
a video i took:

Friday, September 25, 2015

common ground

Everything is  good,
Me &
Cathy.went drinking in Hebden Bridge last night with Phil the x-Fireman&
Comrade Ken........
Phil& Cathy.
[*click* for all the night's images.....]
Phil's  looking SO Well!

He's put on weight&Tanned (just back from 2 weeks in Greece and an Infinity Pool).He has well& truly  fucked-off that throat cancer bastard.......
Meanwhile.Ken  has given up smoking.........