Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Aretha Franklin:Say A Little Prayer.

Aretha Franklin Jamaica World Music Festival 1982. Live at Bob Marley Performing Arts Center, Freeport Zone, Montego Bay, Jamaica, Nov 26, 1982 Aretha is 73 today,Hurray!
 Drinks around Halifax tonight.With Phil& Ken .Mostly in Dirty Dicks (Halifax Town were at home to Gateshead) My compacts are being repaired so a bit of improvision with the images.So it goes...... Thank You My Friends XX

Friday, March 20, 2015

deadmen at the shakespeare hotel

[i took this image last May inside the Lewins pub in Halifax.]
This is a Sepia Saturday post.

 I left school aged 15 in 1967.I did a lot of under- age drinking from that age (legally ,in UK, its 18).
The pubs in Halifax i drank in were still very old traditional male-dominated affairs.
 One of my earlier childhood memories is being a toddler, walking near Ramsdens Brewery (a couple of hundred yards from our home on Savile Crescent )
I vividly remember holding my mam's hand as we walked passed its busy main gate.She was teatotal.What she thought of the strong smell of hops &the clatter of the dray horses i dont know.....
. ( n.b.The site was knocked down in the 70s to build new Headquarters for The Halifax Building Society .Such is life.A change Im sure my Mam approved of!)
In 1967 Halifax still had 3 breweries.Ramsdens.Whitakers and (i guess the most famous) Websters.All now long gone.
a 1928 meeting of The Halifax Henpecked-Husbands

How me & my schoolmates ,all just 15 ,often in school uniforms minus ties,(including Phil the x-Fireman :63 this  Sunday!) managed to be served .is a mystery to  me.
I  was a young -looking lad for my age anyway
.But those times were different.More simple,I guess.I only ever remember being refused service once in the several pubs we regularly drank in (i think an average of  3 times a week by 1968 is a fair estimate).
Lewins,as it looks today.
One of the pubs was Lewins on Bull Green. Originally because of the beer shortage during World War I, women were barred from it until as late as 1969  (I guess they just forgot that war had ever ended......!)
.It holds  the record of being the last pub in England to refuse women  customers .
[Although they let women serve .Hurray!]
In 1967 I remember sawdust on the floor: spittoons & beer at 1 shilling & 7 & a half penny. And it tasted like honey ( i found beer never tasted as good when it became legal !)
 Another of our pubs was The Shakespeare Hotel near the railway station.That's where this week's photo is taken.
it's a few years before I entered the picture..judging by the style, I guess late 50's or early 60's? I dont know any of the characters here,but they look fairly typical of the men who tolerated my younger self. God Bless 'em All!Where are they now.....probably in Jesus's Snug?I hope so.
Last Orders! Time Gentlemen Please.........Haven't You Got Homes To Go To?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rochdale Library : Young Fathers : 14th March 2015

"inside i feel dirty;it's only cos i'm hurting........" i took this video & these other  images , in Rochdale Library watching Young Fathers.
 [4;05 into this video ],watch extraordinary moves. Physical poetry & voodoo combined. As i say, extra-ordinary!

Friday, March 06, 2015

. Melange:

Who knows what's happening? Some kind of Beauty Parade? Some dancing competition? Whatever..... Looks like the ship's captain is showing the lass in the blue frock the door /the plank?

This is a sepia saturday post.

All I know.This image is from the late 50's.
A cruise somewhere.I found it on the site .
It shares Kodachrome slides and suchlike.Many found unloved in carboots.
 I love the clarity & vivid colours these contain.
Somewhere  below is a slideshow  of  photos from today,s night in Halifax with Phil The X Fireman & Ken .
Ken [beard]is a friend of George ,a member of The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

i was thinking about the world's biggest necklace

Me & Cath & Martin went to see this fine play in Manchester yesterday.... Read About The Scuttlers here. Me & Cath see Young Fathers In Rochdale Library next month.

Young Fathers - "LOW" from Ninja Tune on Vimeo.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Old Friends ßookends

ßlimey,another Valentines Day...!
You know,my Dad was born on this day (& died on a Boxing Day) 
Strange to think he would be 98 now, had he lived.
 I know no more than you do about love.Other than it is universal as much as it is personal?
And that the long applause at the end of this (or any) song is as important as the music before it. 
Imagine,  I only turned my head away in order he had  a greater area to kiss........
My Son Chris & Me :Zante 1991

Cathy my Missus & Me in a mirror on the Greek Island of Paros in 1987.
Cathy in Paros:the same year.
This is a Sepia Saturday post. 
Bob Dylan - Pretty Saro from Columbia Records on Vimeo.

Friday, January 30, 2015

whoa, the blue light was my baby, and the red light was my mind.....

The Rolling Stones singing "Street Fighting Man" is total nonsense.A millionaire singing working class songs is a total lie.(hello,Russell Brand!)
 Saying that ,I loved this song  in the 1970s.I believed every word....Sometimes artifice is a very comforting distraction.innit?
We are critical of politicians & the lies they tell us.Are we any better with the lies we tell ourselves?

Athens:August 1987.
Cath took this photo of me in Athens in 1987.She was still recovering from her first miscarriage.
I asked her to take it.
I was reading plenty of Paul Bowles & Bruce Chatwin at the time.
I suppose ,in this photo , I wanted to give an impression of a 'Gentleman Abroad'.Living with 'real' people.[Not on some dodgy package holiday!]
 I remember I began reading Raymond Carver on my return.("Working Class Noir"!).
Chris was born safely the following year.I guess it worked....

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

the earth sings when he touches it [Shakespeare]

Horses are one of the theme options for this week's Sepia Saturday.
I may have shown these photos before?Im not sure but its always worth repeating.Innit.
Above&below r some of  my Aunt Brenda's photos from The Saranac Winter Carnival
Brenda was born in Canada.& ,at some point,her & the family moved to Upstate New York where these was taken
. here are a few more of her wonderful photos. 
here a couple of previous posts about it all....... 
This is a Sepia Saturday post.Hurray!

Friday, January 16, 2015

imagine stuff on Queen's Road!

My father-in-Law Brian.He was a draughtsman.He imagined stuff  on Queen's Road  in Halifax in the 1960's.

This week's Sepia Saturday is about old photos with writing on 'em.

Chris took this photo of me tonight.
Left is a tapestry made by my Aunty Brenda. It was framed,but the glass smashed in December.I got it mended today in Mytholmroyd.
 I have mentioned Brenda many times here. I am holding in my hands the only physical remains of her.
This mending was important to me.
 Right is a iPad sent me as a gift from Bob Piper in Sandhall,West Midlands.yesterday.
 Bob, you have been a good friend to me over the years.
I remember my cancer scare 7 years ago,You heldmy digital hand.Did I ever thank you?if not,i do now!
I remember those free John Cooper Clarke tickets for me & Cathy you gifted us.
.Please remember .This iPad will (i hope) help to be "a machine that kills facists".

Friday, January 09, 2015

A free man in Paris تَكْبِير

Thank You for your comments last week.
Rich in irony, I was making an effort for the New Year to stop being so anti-social here and reply to you all (i have been lax ,havnt i !)
 Then my 7 year old laptop dies. I only got a new machine tonight, so I still havnt begun replying! Still.On the scale of things its small beer given the murders in France.......
 Oh! Fuck Jesus Christ! Fuck Mohammed! And (especially) Fuck the Holy Ghost........

Thursday, January 01, 2015


Best Wishes for 2015.But ,hang onto  
your hats,it gonna be bumpy........
  "a product which looked so elegant and could cost a lot of money, the fashion hat no less than for the raditional bowler, and homburg were made at a severe price to the health of the workers.
  In the wet room the material was worked in a mix of warm water and diluted acid, while in the dry room the dust and detritus from the fur had to be brushed out of the hair each evening before leaving work.
 It was a place where one woman “hated everyday of the four years I spent there,” while another reflected on the danger of hats that span off machines at terrifying speeds.........."
Photo taken by my Mum in Zante 1992.Me,Cathy(looking like John Wesley)& Chris

I have yet to visit The Hat Museum.I must head there soon.....sepia :206
The theme this week is all around my hat & flags.......

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